Homemade Pizza Lunchables

So this next idea I cannot by no means take credit for. I found this idea on one of my Pinterest marathons, it comes from Mommy’s Kitchen blog. She had this great idea for saving money by making her own lunchables.

After a year and a half of having a child in school and now trying to save for a house and possible #2, I have decided to give it a try.

So here is what I used –

Pizza Dough (Jiffy)
Pizza Sauce (Great Value)
Pepperonis (Hormel)
Shredded Mozzarella Cheese (Great Value)
Wax Paper (Reynolds) or Parchment paper
Sandwich Bags (Great Value)
Gallon Freezer Bags (Ziploc)
Olive Oil Spray (Great Value)

So to start I followed the directions on the Jiffy box to prepare my pizza. That is until I got to the part about how to put the pizza on the pan and how long to cook it. Since I wanted to make smaller pizzas I took pieces of the dough and made small balls.


After pinching off the dough and making it into a ball, I flatted it out (using help for gravity) into a disk. I tried not to make any holes but some did happen. To remove the holes I placed the flatten dough onto the pan and used my fingers to smoosh the dough to fill the hole. I was able to get quite few pizzas on my pan. (I made two pan fulls worth one box)


I only baked my pizzas for about 5 minutes at 425°. I removed the crusts once they were starting to turn brown on the bottom but still had some fluffiness to them on top.


I let them cool completely before i bagged them to be frozen. After they cooled I stacked them three high between wax paper.


Then, using my Mom’s suggestion I took each set of three and placed them in the sandwich bags. (This will hopefully make mornings easier so I don’t have to count the crusts, I can just remove a small bag from the freezer bag.) I then took all my sandwich bags and put them into a gallon freezer bag, removing as much air as possible before sealing it up.



The next day Hulk took his lunch to school I took out the crust and put them into the new container I bought that has a squeeze container for the sauce and compartments for the cheese/pepperonis and the crusts.


All in all, I know this saved me money. I didn’t do the true math on this like Mommy’s Kitchen did but here is my quick guestimation on the breakdown:
Jiffy- $0.64
Pizza sauce – $1.00
Pepperonis(1lb) – $7.58
Mozz Cheese (2 cups) – $2.50

At my local Wal-mart 1 pizza lunchable is $1.58. I made 12 pizza crust with 1 oz of Jiffy. I call that a win!


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