Dining Room Makeover

When we bought our house there were two things I knew had to be fixed: the 1970 kitchen cabinets and the wood paneling dining room. The kitchen is going to have to wait because of the cost involved but we did give the dining room a face lift. According to our neighbors our dining room was actually the living room when it was first built and didn’t originally have the wood paneling. With that being said we had high hopes that under the paneling would be dry wall.

So, the first thing we did before moving in was redo the dining room. Brad and I got out the hammers, screwdrivers, and crowbar and got busy prying off the wood paneling. Thankfully, there was indeed, drywall under the paneling. The only downside was that is was covered in popcorn. I am so thankful that my dad knows a thing or two about home building. He came up (2 hour drive one way) and spent the weekend helping us redo the whole room.



First, he did what is called a “smear coat” all over the room with drywall mud. This took what seemed like forever for him to do and for it to dry.


After that is was time to paint. I spent several hours looking online for what paint brand was the best. From what I can tell Valspar is the best. We went with the Cincinnatian Hotel shade of blue for the overall color.


Once the painting was done my dad and brad cut and put up crown molding and chair rails. We couldn’t afford real wainscot so we bought the wainscot squares that Lowe’s carries. We slapped another coat of glossy white on them for extra shine. To get them on the wall we used Power Grip multipurpose glue on the backs and then for good measure we nailed where ever we could on the square that was over a stud.


I think it turned out wonderful and I really love it. I am so gracious to Brad and my parents for all their hard work!



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