Week 3 With Sam the Elf (Season 2)

Day 15 – Sam went through the house and put googly eyes on toilets, t.v.’s, vacuums, microwave, stove and mommy’s makeup mirror!


Day 16 – Sam taped up Drew’s play room. Drew army crawled in and out so not to ruin all Sam’s hard work!


Day 17 – Sam looks like he was having a lot of fun with his elf friends!


Day 18 – A cup of elf, anyone!?


Day 19 – Sam was a little ornery today!


Day 20 – Sam is ready to go to Grandma’s!


Day 21/22 – Sam was afraid of Aunt Nana’s dogs so he chilled on the chandelier for two days!


Day 24 – (no pic) Sam went back into Drew’s backpack to come home with him.

Christmas Day – Santa took pictures of Sam with Drew’s Christmas presents as a way to say goodbye!



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