Saving with 8 Cash Rebate Apps

We all want to save and not all of us have time. Anything that can make saving money easier seems great to me. Over the last year or so I have pounced every time I hear about a new website to earn free gift cards, coupons, and cash rebates. This is where I can save you some time. I have been down the path of failure, trying to find the freebies that really weren’t free. But along the way I have come across several ways that actually work! Right now I am going to talk about the cash rebate apps that I have come across.


ibotta – I love this app. Not only does it have grocery rebates but also restaurants, retail (online and in-store), and even movie rebates. It’s pretty simple to use but takes a little time to use. The redemption process is different for grocery items than the other. You first have to browse through the list of rebates.

Ibotta-Offersibotta (1)

After you find the items you want to buy or have bought within the given time frame you select the item(s) and do the activity. Sometimes its just reading a fact that is on the next screen. Sometimes it is a video or a quick one question quiz. Once you have purchased the item(s) you have to use your phone camera within the app to “scan” the UPC of each item on your receipt, then take a picture of the actual receipt. ibotta will then put your cash rebate on your ibotta account. Once you accumulate $10 you can “cash out” your rebates to your Pay Pal account or Venmo account. If you don’t want to do that there are gift card options available. ibotta does have a referral program as well. You get cash when your friends join, after that your “team” can work together to earn extra bonus cash when teams hit certain rebate amounts per month. I started using ibotta a year ago and I have earned $25. It wasn’t until the last 6 months that I started getting more serious about using any money-saving apps.

Checkout 51 – This is another app that I like a lot. This one is a little more user-friendly. Once you find the items you will purchase or have already purchased you upload your receipt by taking a picture of it, then select from the offers which items are on that specific receipt. That’s it…DONE!


Checkout 51 will add your rebates to your account within 3 days. Checkout 51 does require you to accumulate $20 in rebates before they let you cash out. Checkout 51 doesn’t have any referral bonuses, so it is all up to you. I have found that the items listed on here are a little more out of the ordinary for my family so its harder for us to earn money. They usually have bananas and/or tomatoes which is where Checkout 51 works for us.


Wal-Mart Savings Catcher – I know that many people don’t like Wal-Mart, and I completely understand. But if you want to save it is a great place to do it. Not only do you save money on their low prices but they will do the price matching for you with their Savings Catcher app.  It is beyond easy to use. Just open the app and go to “Savings Catcher” and scan the QR code on the bottom of your receipt. Within 3 days Wal-Mart will put the difference of the items that were price matched on your account. At any time you can cash out for a Wal-Mart gift card.

These last apps are ones that I just came across last month so I don’t know all of the ends and outs yet.

Snap – This app is powered by Groupon. With this app you add your items to your “shopping list” then “snap receipt.” It is an easy app to use as well. Snap, like Groupon, has a referral program in place as well. There is no team bonuses like ibotta but as least there is opportunities for extra cash when you get your friends to join.


Jingit – Is similar to ibotta and Checkout 51, except you have only 24 from “reserving” your rebate to scan your receipt. As long as you scan your receipt during this time frame you will get your item rebate. To cash out the minimum you must have in your account is $5, which can be applied to a gift card or deposited directly into your checking account. I haven’t seen a lot of items on Jingit but in the last 3 weeks I have accumulated $2.25, so there are some items on there. You can also create shopping lists based on the rebate items and scan store ads. There is an option for inviting friends but they don’t state whether or not there are any types of bonuses for the referrals.


SavingStar – Again, this app is very similar to the others on this list. One this that does make this one stand out, is that they always have offers to save 100% on certain items (that means something free!) The other rebate amounts for the items seem to be less than the others most of the time. The average rebates are from $.25 to $1. There are $5 rebates but you usually have to but more than one of that specific item. Some of the other features include saving your perk cards for most major companies and a shopping list with your “active offers”. If you go on the SavingStar website you can use their “online shopping mall” and get cash back on your online shopping purchases. You can get 8% back at Macy’s to 3% back from Wal-Mart. There are no referral perks for this app, so again it’s all up to you. If you are the credit card type they have a partnership with American Express that you can earn cash back on all of you purchases.


BerryCart – BerryCart focuses on healthy eating. All of the rebates are for organic, natural, and/or vegan items. There is even a rebate for Amazon purchases. For my family we are just now getting into eating more organic and natural food, so I haven’t even used this app yet except to open it to see if there is anything that I bought on it. There is a referral program for BerryCart for $2 per friend that joins and scans a receipt. The cashing out process is pretty simple as long as you have a minimum of $5 of your account. You can choose to have your money transferred to your PayPal account or put on a gift card to many major retailers.


Shopmium – I hope by this point you are seeing a trend of how simple most of these apps are and once you know how one works they are all pretty similar. Shopmium follows this trend – find your rebate(s), scan UPC, scan receipt and your done. Shopmium has the least amount of offers available and once you redeem one you don’t get to redeem it again even if it’s a different week. This app does have a referral program, unlike the others, Shopmium not only gives you $2 per referral but you also get a FREE Lindt Chocolate Bar! (Your friend gets a chocolate bar too!)

I know I didn’t cover every feature of each of these apps, but I tried to cover the most important things. I would love to know if anyone has others that I haven’t mentioned or has a different use for the ones I’ve featured here.

Stay tuned for Saving with Point-based Rebates…


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