About this Blogger

As a mom of one lovely 7-year-old and event planner, I am usually rushing around, but when it comes to being creative that is my zen spot! I love making stuff, but I feel I don’t always have the time I want to dedicate to it. I try my hardest to make it happen at least once a week, so as parties and crafts come around, I intend to let the world see what I have done.  I am always looking for reasons to throw parties  or ,as I like to put it, be “artsy-fartsy.” As I prepare for the next birthday party or create the next Halloween costume be prepared to see what comes from it. I might even throw in a few recipes! Bear with me though, this is my first blog attempt. Oh and I forgot to mention that my family and I are a tad bit Disney obsessed. Don’t be surprised to see the random Mickey project or Belle inspired ring….(I think I just got inspired!) I would even admit that I am a Disney-addict, but I don’t think there is same in this.

My vision:
My vision for this blog is to help other moms and even non-moms 🙂 with saving money or helping them become inspired! With craft ideas, recipes and the occasional money-saving tip, it’s a win-win for everyone!


2 thoughts on “About this Blogger

  1. I LOVE event planning too! That is what I do for my work gig and when it comes to my kiddos birthdays I go nutso! How fun! Can’t wait to see new ideas from you. I have done, Dino Digg Parties, Candy Parties, Yo Gabba, Fresh Beat Band, Baseball! Thanks for stopping by my blog too! Have a good day!


    • I would LOVE to do a candy party!! About 10 years ago I did a Candyland theme banquet (wishing now I had taken pictures) but it was so awesome. I’m starting to dig through some of my son’s past birthday parties – Mario, Trains, and Plants vs. Zombies. I’m hoping to find enough pictures that I can write about them. The PVZ was pretty sweet. My dad made cupcakes out of terra cotta pots with the guys on top, amazing. I hope I can give you some more ideas 🙂


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