Freebie Tuesday


I just recieved all this from PinchMe! This box included a full size bottle of SinfulColors, Shakelee180, & AdvilPM.

I immediately put on the nail polish – Forget Now. I love pink and this is pink AND sparkles!


The AdvilPM is well, just that. It does its job and thats always good.

From what I understand the Shaklee 180 is a new weight loss program. The snack bar I got was pretty good. That’s saying a lot coming from me because I hate granola bars and the like. This one is/was toffee and chocolate crunch.

In case you are not aware of PinchMe, it a free site that after you create an account you can get a box of samples sent straight to your house! The next sample roll out is Tuesday, May 27th. They always release new samples on Tuesdays at noon, but the samples go VERY quickly. I’ve gotten other things from the site like K-cups, Emergen-C, toothpaste and more. The most tou can get is three items per box, so choose wisely. I hope you get some awesome stuff if you sign up.