Changin things up!

For the past year or so I have been blogging about crafts/DIY projects. Well as you have noticed there hasn’t been much of that lately. Well actually there has…its all been moved over to another site made just for things that inspire! For more DIY and party tutorials head over to The Inspiration Vault.

Here at Party In The Midwest, I am going to take a new approach. Since life is what you make it, let’s make life a party! My new goal is to share “snapshots” into my Midwest life here in Dayton, Ohio. I, by no means, have an amazing, glamorous life, but I do have fun and I have a crazy fun family! We always have get togethers and there is always something going on it seems like. So sit back, keep hands inside the vehicle at all times and enjoy the ride!


Going Turbo…

I am going Turbo…well kind of. I am now co-blogging at The Inspiration Vault! It’s a new site that will vault all craft, party and Scout ideas and things to inspire others to make, build, or change. If you love the tutorials on Party in the Midwest and want more visit my new site –

It Has Been Awhile

What can I say!? It has been way to long! Getting settled into our new house took way more time and energy than I could have ever dreamt. To be honest this fall has been more than overwhelming. From the new house to me getting sick, Drew starting a new school and adjusting to the new. Even now as I type this, I am nursing Drew back to health after being one week post-op from getting his tonsils and adenoids removed. One thing I have realized during the last 4 months is how much crafting/creating relaxes me and how much I enjoy it. Hopefully as we continue to adjust to this new lifestyle (owning a home is a lot more work than I really thought) I will get back in to a routine of posting at least once a week. For a while it will not be more than that I fear. Here are some things I plan on posting though: the remodel of our dinning room, Drew’s new room, needle felt snowmen, wool/clay puppy, Sam the Elf’s 2014 visit, Drew’s chore chart, my craft/music/office room, front door makeover, and hand print flowers. These are all things that I have taken pictures of but have not had the time to sit down and type of the tutorials or just simply share! I know not many people read my blog or even subscribe, but for those that do I am sorry that I haven’t posted in such a long time. Here is to hoping that I can get back on the ball and continue posting and sharing!!



Putting on My Big Girl Panties

Over the last 20 days, my husband and I have gone from renters to house hunters! I/we really weren’t sure what we were getting ourselves into when we decided we were DONE giving our money to apartment complexes and still not having enough room. I will be honest I have a LOT of craft stuff! With that being said we called our local credit union and made an appointment to meet with a Loan Officer on May 27th.

To me this was no big deal we were just going to “talk”. We had been on and window shopped some homes we liked just to have some ideas. Then the day came to meet with Holly.

We go in and spend some time talking with her about budgets, home sizes, and how the OHFA Loan worked. Then we showed her one of the houses we liked, so that she could give us actual prices and break downs of the loan. All went well. We had all of the taxes, pay stubs, licenses she needed to start the pre-approval. Once she drew up the pre-approval the numbers and dollar signs started flying!! Money for apprasial, inspection, good faith, credit check, down payment, title fees, mortgage fees, interest rates and APR’s. So many numbers and not enough knowledge to understand what it was all for. This officially freaked me out!!

Luckily, our credit union is awesome and so was Holly. She took the time, like a good loan officer should, and walked my husband and I through it all step-by-step. Everything we pay goes toward the down payment except the inspection. It is not required by the lender to qualify for the loan but highly suggested. We left pre-approved and ready to really start house hunting!

Calmed down now, I still didn’t feel like I was really doing anything major. Most if not ever adult wants their own house. This was just a step in growing up, but it still didn’t feel real yet. That weekend several of the houses we previously liked were having open houses. The three of us went and explored. Having seen 4 that Sunday we quickly realized that the first house was our house (the same one we just happened to use for a number base with the Loan Officer)! By that Wednesday we had placed our first offer on the house. My husband was dead set on the house, I however wasn’t 100%.

After, you give the offer the seller typically has 24 hours to consider the offer. Let me tell you that was the LONGEST 24 hours of my adult life. I sat at work just waiting for my phone to ring with word they accepted. It wasn’t until 20 hours after our initial offer did we get word back that they counter with no budging on their original asking price but they would pay closing costs. My heart dropped! I actually felt like I had been dumped by a boyfriend. This was the moment I realized I too, truly wanted the house.

We went back and forth with the seller from Thursday to Sunday, when on Sunday evening they accept an offer! We were exstatic. We were one step closer to being homeowners. Our next step was to meet with our Sibcy Cline Realtor and draw up an official offer letter/contract and give him the $500 check for the good faith holding money. This was when it dawned on me that I now had to really put on my big girl panties and take another big step plunge, into the adult world. With the check meant we were committing to this house and to the area we were currently living. This was and still is a little hard for me because I don’t want to live in Ohio for the rest of my live. It means putting my working as Disney dream on hold until at least 10-15 years. Now grant it that would make me in my early 40’s and that’s totally an acceptable age to still change jobs and move to the “happiest place on Earth.” I digress, so we signed the papers and scheduled are inspection.

The house we are buying was built in 1970 so we were slightly worried there would be things that would come up in the inspection. Luckliy, there were only minor issues and the only “major” issue, if you want to evem call it that, was that we have/need to put more insulation in the attic. This will cost us roughly $300. Not as bad as if the whole house needed to be rewired, which it didn’t.

Now we have to sit and wait on the home inspection, which is done by the bank. Hopefully it will be done by the end of next week. Then we have a 30-50 day waiting period for the loan to be processed and then we close. We are projecting to close around July 25th (2 days before my birthday!) What a birthday present!!!

So from start to, hopeful, finish this whole process will have taken us a shocking 2 months almost to the day!! I don’t thinl this is a normal senario but I will take it. After 7 years renting I am beyond ready to have a true home that is mine! Plus, not to mention all the DIY projects and parties I now have room to do! Did I mention, that in our new home I will have a CRAFT ROOM!!? Oh my mind is spinning with the hopes of projects that I can do and share.

Stay tuned for more on our house buying journey!

Its Only the Beginning

Well this is the beginning! Over the next few weeks I am going to post pictures from past parties I have put together for Hulk (this is what I will calling my son) or crafts that I have done when I get “artsy-fartsy.” So be patient with me. Since I didn’t know that I was going to be doing a blog of my creative adventures some of the past pictures will not be entirely complete. If you have any questions about something, please let me know!


I can promise that there will be a Star Wars theme birthday coming up in February so stay tuned!!