Week 3 With Sam the Elf (Season 2)

Day 15 – Sam went through the house and put googly eyes on toilets, t.v.’s, vacuums, microwave, stove and mommy’s makeup mirror!


Day 16 – Sam taped up Drew’s play room. Drew army crawled in and out so not to ruin all Sam’s hard work!


Day 17 – Sam looks like he was having a lot of fun with his elf friends!


Day 18 – A cup of elf, anyone!?


Day 19 – Sam was a little ornery today!


Day 20 – Sam is ready to go to Grandma’s!


Day 21/22 – Sam was afraid of Aunt Nana’s dogs so he chilled on the chandelier for two days!


Day 24 – (no pic) Sam went back into Drew’s backpack to come home with him.

Christmas Day – Santa took pictures of Sam with Drew’s Christmas presents as a way to say goodbye!



Week 2 With Sam the Elf (Season 2)

Day 8 – Sam spent time on the book shelf with Belle and Gaston.


Day 9 – Sam turned the toilet rolls into a snowman and left a set for Drew to turn the other bathroom’s toilet paper into a snowman too!


Day 10 – Sam amd Drew played marshmellow tic-tac-toe throughout the day!


Day 11 – Sam needed a long nap!


Day 12 – Sam got a little carried away.


Day 13 – Sam wanted to see life at Drew’s height.


Day 14 – Sam played with great grandpa’s model plane and some Imaginext, in his new bomber jacket! (Daddy was thrilled)

Dining Room Makeover

When we bought our house there were two things I knew had to be fixed: the 1970 kitchen cabinets and the wood paneling dining room. The kitchen is going to have to wait because of the cost involved but we … Continue reading

It Has Been Awhile

What can I say!? It has been way to long! Getting settled into our new house took way more time and energy than I could have ever dreamt. To be honest this fall has been more than overwhelming. From the new house to me getting sick, Drew starting a new school and adjusting to the new. Even now as I type this, I am nursing Drew back to health after being one week post-op from getting his tonsils and adenoids removed. One thing I have realized during the last 4 months is how much crafting/creating relaxes me and how much I enjoy it. Hopefully as we continue to adjust to this new lifestyle (owning a home is a lot more work than I really thought) I will get back in to a routine of posting at least once a week. For a while it will not be more than that I fear. Here are some things I plan on posting though: the remodel of our dinning room, Drew’s new room, needle felt snowmen, wool/clay puppy, Sam the Elf’s 2014 visit, Drew’s chore chart, my craft/music/office room, front door makeover, and hand print flowers. These are all things that I have taken pictures of but have not had the time to sit down and type of the tutorials or just simply share! I know not many people read my blog or even subscribe, but for those that do I am sorry that I haven’t posted in such a long time. Here is to hoping that I can get back on the ball and continue posting and sharing!!