Going Turbo…

I am going Turbo…well kind of. I am now co-blogging at The Inspiration Vault! It’s a new site that will vault all craft, party and Scout ideas and things to inspire others to make, build, or change. If you love the tutorials on Party in the Midwest and want more visit my new site – www.theinspirationvault.com


Dream Craft Room

We are getting very close to closing on our first house!! We should get the keys August 11th! We are so excited. The three of us sit around and talk about all the things we want to do to the house and in the house.

Drew cannot wait to have a playroom. He talks about which toys he is going to keep in his room and which will go in HIS playroom. He also talks nonstop about how we will get a dog. (This was a promise I made him years ago with him. We’ve lived in apartments since he was born, so there was no room or money for a dog. I told him about 4 years ago, that when we bought a house, he could get a dog.) Brad keeps talking about how the garage will be and what new tools he thinks he needs. He wants to rip the carpet off the stairs and make them hardwood. He is so excited to have a small putting green in the back yard. (This actually came with the house!) I on the other hand, cannot wait to have my very own Craft room. Now grant it, it will also be half office, but I don’t care. I have always wanted a room that if I start a project I can leave it without worrying about where we are gonna eat at or who might step on it.

This is the picture of the room we are planning on converting into the Craft/Office space:



(This picture is from the house listing and contains nothing that I own)

It is a smaller space, only about 11′ X 10′. With having to put a PC desk and a craft table in the room it’s going to be a little tight. I am strongly considering taking out the closet doors and putting the craft table in the nook. With so much craft stuff, I have spent many hours scouring Pinterest for ideas to best utilize my small space. (I of course created a Pin Board dedicated to just my craft room – Perfect Craft Room.)


Here are some of the ideas that I have found that I like and will plan on doing some form of in my new house.


Idea 1 – Because the room is so small and we will be using as an office as well, I have been thinking strongly about removing the closet doors. Below is a before and after from DIY N Crafts.

Redo Your Craft Closet with This Easy DIY Project

I love the peg board wall and the easy to access baskets under the bench.


Idea 2 – Staying with the pegboard thought. Here are some ways to secure items to the board.




Family Handyman has quite a few good ideas for pegboards and storage.

Short PVC pieces keep things organized

Idea 3 – STORAGE BINS! I love storage bins. Right now all of my craft “junk,” as my husband so lovingly calls it, is in two tall drawer bins stacked on top of each other. Probably not the safest thing, but right now we make do. I would like to get more to better organize all that I have. A separate set of drawers for polymer clay; paints; pen; pencils; glue; etc…



I’m sure I will find more inspiration before we move into our new house in exactly ONE MONTH!!! Once we get things going I will do my best to take pictures of all the ideas that came to fruition.


Its Only the Beginning

Well this is the beginning! Over the next few weeks I am going to post pictures from past parties I have put together for Hulk (this is what I will calling my son) or crafts that I have done when I get “artsy-fartsy.” So be patient with me. Since I didn’t know that I was going to be doing a blog of my creative adventures some of the past pictures will not be entirely complete. If you have any questions about something, please let me know!


I can promise that there will be a Star Wars theme birthday coming up in February so stay tuned!!