Saving with Point Based Rebates

A few months back I talked about saving with cash rebates. All of these rebates came from apps that allow you to scan your grocery receipts and get cash rebates on selected items put into your account. Today, I am going to cover point based rebates. These are mostly apps that allow you to earn points that you can then apply towards gift cards or redeem for actual products.


Receipt Hog – This app makes me laugh every time I use it. Why? Because it actually oinks when you use it. ReceiptHog gives you coins based on the dollar amount of your grocery receipt. It gives you 1 spin per major retailer (Macy’s, JCP, Kohl’s, Best Buy, Home Depot, etc…) receipt you scan for the Hog Slots. Hog Slots is where you win extra coins and even $100 cash. The coins you earn can be redeem for gift cards or cash. The more coins you redeem at one time the better the cash to coin ratio is. Receipt Hog has a referral bonus that earns you spins on the Hog Slots when someone joins and snaps their first receipt. Your friends earn extra spins to when they join via your referral code. There is a max of 20 friends that can earn you the bonus though. (Join using my referral code: frep 1066 to get extra spins) 
ReceiptPal – This a simple app to use. Its as simple as tapping a square, taking a picture, confirming image and you’re done! It takes four receipts to “fill” a card and every card is worth 100 points. You can only submit 4-5 cards a week. Points can only be redeemed for online gift cards to either, or for “Dinner & Movie.” One  issue for me is that you have to get the entire receipt in one picture. Unlike most other apps that let you take pictures of the receipt in sections, you have to basically place the receipts on the ground and snap it from up high. Most long receipts get rejected because they are too blurry. This app doesn’t have a referral program either, so no extra points here.
Shopkicks – Do you love shopping? Do you love scavenger hunts? If you answered yes to either question then you will love this app! Earn “kicks” for finding specific items and scanning the barcodes. Kicks vary depending on the item. You can even earn “walk-in” kicks just for entering the store. Some stores give you points for purchases too. The biggest issue I have with this app is that to get a list of items you have to have your locations turned on on your smartphone & bluetooth.

Bing Rewards – This is the easiest way for me to earn free gift cards! Not only do I use internet searches for my job but my husband and I are always searching random stuff. (Sometimes out of curiosity and sometimes to proof the other wrong.) Since I started using Bing as my search engine to earn points, just about a year ago, I have earned $30 in gift cards. They have gift cards for GameStop, Microsoft Live, Toys R Us, Sephora and several others. Your gift card comes as an ecard to your e-mail you can either print it off, use it online, or simply pull it up on your smartphone and show to the cashier when checking out. When you first start out the gift cards cost slightly more until you hit “gold” status then they drop to 75 points less. Bing also has a referral program that earns you 100 points per friend that joins and hits “silver” status within 60 days. You do have to have or create a Microsoft account but it can be connected to your personal e-mail account and doesn’t have to be outlook or Microsoft based.


So Many Ways to Save!



I will be the first to tell you that I am horrible at saving money in the “savings account” sense. But with that being said I am great at finding a deal! I am not an extreme couponer, I usually don’t remember the coupons I do clip, so what’s the point of clipping. I have found several other ways to save when shopping. I have found several smart phone apps and websites that help me save. Over the next month I will be sharing all the ways I save. I hope many will help you and your family. Here are some of the ways I save for my family: Cash Rebates for shopping, Point based rebates, Free Samples, Word of Mouth websites, and Store Perk cards. Stay tuned…

Week 3 With Sam the Elf (Season 2)

Day 15 – Sam went through the house and put googly eyes on toilets, t.v.’s, vacuums, microwave, stove and mommy’s makeup mirror!


Day 16 – Sam taped up Drew’s play room. Drew army crawled in and out so not to ruin all Sam’s hard work!


Day 17 – Sam looks like he was having a lot of fun with his elf friends!


Day 18 – A cup of elf, anyone!?


Day 19 – Sam was a little ornery today!


Day 20 – Sam is ready to go to Grandma’s!


Day 21/22 – Sam was afraid of Aunt Nana’s dogs so he chilled on the chandelier for two days!


Day 24 – (no pic) Sam went back into Drew’s backpack to come home with him.

Christmas Day – Santa took pictures of Sam with Drew’s Christmas presents as a way to say goodbye!


Simple Eggless Smash Cake

Recently I made my first eggless cake! And if I do say so myself, it turned out pretty good! A friend of mine was having a hard time finding a bakery that would make a small smash cake for her … Continue reading