Week 3 With Sam the Elf (Season 2)

Day 15 – Sam went through the house and put googly eyes on toilets, t.v.’s, vacuums, microwave, stove and mommy’s makeup mirror!


Day 16 – Sam taped up Drew’s play room. Drew army crawled in and out so not to ruin all Sam’s hard work!


Day 17 – Sam looks like he was having a lot of fun with his elf friends!


Day 18 – A cup of elf, anyone!?


Day 19 – Sam was a little ornery today!


Day 20 – Sam is ready to go to Grandma’s!


Day 21/22 – Sam was afraid of Aunt Nana’s dogs so he chilled on the chandelier for two days!


Day 24 – (no pic) Sam went back into Drew’s backpack to come home with him.

Christmas Day – Santa took pictures of Sam with Drew’s Christmas presents as a way to say goodbye!



April Fool’s Day

With it being April Fool’s Day, Hulk wanted to play a prank on his Principal. After hearing his idea I told him it probably isn’t a good idea to play pranks on the Principal. So, instead we went to Dollar Tree and bought fake bugs (mostly spiders) for him to put on all of his classmates desks.


We agreed that it would be a fun and this way all his friends would get a small gift to keep. He loved the idea!

I would love to hear other ideas, if you have something your child did for school today!;